The Philosophy Workshop in December 2016:-

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Summer Term Programme 2020

For most of the Summer term and vacation we shall be studying How To Live A Good Life: A Guide To Choosing Your Personal Philosophy edited by Massimo Pugliucci et al. Vintage Books (2020).

From the 19th of August we shall revert to our usual summer vacation practice and discuss a series of talks from the Philosophy Bites web site, these have been selected to be relevant to the current situation.

Amended 5 June.

We are now meeting on-line - see news item (top left on Workshop Page).

Date Author Topic Led By Where
22 April Seneca The Shortness of Life Susan On-line
29 April Owen Flanagan Buddhism Pam On-line
6 May Bryan W Van Norden Confucianism Pat On-line
13 May Robin R Wang Daoism Simon On-line
20 May David R Kaufman Aristotelianism Anita On-line
27 May Henri Ruff Game Changers Henri On-line
3 June Massimo Pigliacci [& Andrew Holowchak] Stoicism Steve On-line
10 June Hiran Crespo Epicureanism Judy On-line
17 June Deepak Sarma Hinduism Barbara On-line
24 June Rabbi Barbara Block Judaism Jayne On-line
1 July Alister McGrath Christianity Susan On-line
8 July Adis Duderija Progressive Islam Renny On-line
15 July Anne Klaeson Ethical Culture Pam On-line
22 July Skye C Cleary Existentialism Pat On-line
29 July John Kaag Pragmatism Simon On-line
5 August Kelsey Piper Effective Altruism Anita On-line
12 August John R Shook Secular Humanism Steve On-line
19 August Kate Soper Alternative  Hedonism   On-line
26 August Anthony Appiah Cosmopolitanism   On-line
2 September John Broome Weighing Lives   On-line
9 September Shelly Kagan Death & Deprivation   On-line
16 September Richard Tuck Free Riding   On-line
23 September Susan Wolfe Meaning in Life   On-line

What We Have Studied

When Who Topic Led By Comments
2006 - 2007 Hayakawa Language in Thought and Action Peter Jones This stimulating text on semantics was used by Peter to introduce his own slant on Philosophy.
2008 Jayne Waterworth A Philosophical Analysis of Hope Jayne Colvin Led by the author!
2008-9 Ray Billington Living Philosophy Peter Stevenson. Lively text with ethical  slant
2008-9 Nigel Warburton Philosophy: the Classics Peter Stevenson. Useful overview of the classic texts
2009-10 Gordon Graham Eight Theories of Ethics Group Effort Excellent treatment of Ethics
2010 Mary Warnock Women Philosophers Group Effort Earlier extracts were tough but we got a lot out of the book
2011 John Hosper Introduction to Philosophical Analysis Group Effort Was our least favourite text until Hartman (below).
2011/12 Michael J Sandel Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do? Group Effort

We watched the Harvard lectures from the internet & read the book - highly recommended.

2011/12 Plato Republic Jayne Colvin By a beginners group
2011/12 John Stuart Mill On Liberty Jayne Colvin By a beginners group
2011/12 Jayne Wateridge A Philosophical Analysis of Hope. Jayne Colvin By a beginners group
2012 Johnathan Wolff Ethics and Public Policy Group Effort Good linkeage of philosophy to current politics and ethics


Bryan Magee Talking Philosophy Group Effort We watched some programmes of the BBC series Men of Ideas on which the book is based
2013 Ronald Dworkin Sovereign Virtue Group Effort We gave up on this - good stuff but too densely written for a group like us
2013/14 Scott M James An Introduction to Evolutionary Ethics Group Effort Good beginners guide to the philosopical implications of evolutionary psycholgy
2014 Aristotle Nichomachean Ethics Group Effort Surprisingly readable - we recommend Penguin 2nd ed.
2014/5 Contemporary Philosophers Overview of Individual Authors Group Effort Stimulating Variety
2015 Edward Feser Philosophy of Mind Group Effort Tough going - but we enjoyed it!
2015/6 Nicholas Fearn Zeno and the Tortoise Group Effort Lively selection of topics illustrating different philosophical methods
2016 Peter Singer (ed.) Applied Ethics Group Effort Stimulating collection of classic articles on Ethics - recommended
2016/17 Victoria Harrison Eastern Philosophy: the Basics Group Efffort We enjoyed this excellent introduction to Eastern Philosophy
2017 Vicent Geoghan & Rick Wiford (eds.) Political Ideologies Group Effort Good Introduction to the topic.
2016/7 Naomi Scheman Engenderings Jayne Colvin We enjoyed discussing feminist philosophy over lunch, but in places knowledge was assumed in the text we did not have.
2017 Kwame Anthony Apiah Mistaken Identities Group Effort We listened to, and discussed the 2016 Reith Lectures
2017 A H Basson David Hume Group effort We found Hume stimulating but preferred the Stanford Encyclopaedia articles on Hume to Basson's book.
2017/19 Stephen Cahn & Christine Vitrano (eds.) Happiness: Classic & Contemporary Readings in Philosophy Jayne Colvin Generating some lively discussions. Recommended.
2017/8 Julian Baggini

Ethics: the Big Questions Paperback Title: Without God Is Everything Permitted?

Group Effort We didn't always agree with Julian but found his essays stimulated some great discussions.
2018 Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince Group Effort Still very relevant in the C21st.
2018/9 Ralph A Hartman Philosophies of Language and Linguistics Group Effort Interesting topic and discussions but we do not recommend the book.
2019 David Benatar The Human Predicament Group Effort A pessimistic look at life which generated very lively discussions.
Summer 2019 Jonathan Sumption 2019 Reith Lectures Group Effort Discussion of the 2019 Reith Lectures on Law, Politics and Constitutions
2019 Thomas Hurka The Best Things in Life Group Effort A more optimistic look at some of the basic things in life which contrasted well with Benatar's approach
2019 Nigel Warburton Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction Group Effort Thoughtful introduction to a key contemporary issue.
2020 Seneca (ed. Campbell) Letters From A Stoic Group Effort Very readable, insight into Roman life & relevant to today
In addition, in most summers in recent years, we have discussed a selection of philosophical podcasts from the Philosophy Bites web site - which we recommend.      

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Bournemouth & Poole College
In 2019/20 there are no Philosophy courses but 'A' level Politics was available. However the college is abandoning 'A' level teaching from September 2020.
Skills & Learning
Bournemouth,Christchurch, Poole and Dorset Adult Education services are now merged under this title. In 2019/20 I could find no courses which seemed relevant to Politics or Philosophy - with the doubtful exception of Mindfulness.More GCSE courses are planned for 2020/21 so check for latest information.

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More Changes to U3A Poole Philosophy Workshop schedule are on this site - the latest was on 1 June. The schedule is subject to amendment and is frequently revised. Please check on this site to ensure you have the latest version. In the Summer term & vacation 2020 we are meeting virtually on Zoom.

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Philosophy Bites
Short interviews with contemporary philosophers.
Adelaide University ebooks
Contains many classic philosophy texts and useful links. Texts also found on Project Gutenberg.
Please let me know of any sites which would be particularly useful for beginning Philosophy students using the feedback page.

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