This page (under construction) will be mainly of interest to the Tansey family of Poole, their friends and relatives.

The Tanseys are descended from the Leicestershire Tanser family which has been traced back to ffrancis Tanser the elder who died on 6 July 1741 at Great Ashby, Leicestershire. He was married to Mary Tanser who died on 4 August 1750 in the same village. I am happy to share genealogical information with any other members of the family by email - see feedback icon on right. The change of spelling/name appears to have taken place in the nineteenth century at the same time as a number of Irish Tanseys moved into the county.

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 Alisha's Poem

She came in springtime and the wild
Primroses thronged to meet
A child who most resembled them -
Small, beautiful and sweet.

She grew in love and laughter,
Loved happy faces, trees,
Noisy pubs and nappy changes,
And smiles, and more smiles, please.

Colin, her caterpillar,
Her pleasures, they were rife
Crammed all experiences into
Her six short months of life.

Last hours of life, tubed, on her side.
Were pleasures all too few?
Alisha smiled and "A-a"ed,
And laughed at Peek-a-Boo.

She even softened Death, who said,
"She'll not meet hurt or harm."
He took her pain-and-fearlessly,
At home, in loving arms.

The children say she's in the clouds,
Or the most shining star of night.
In heaven? Or where anything
Is beautiful and bright.

Our child of spring and summer's gone
And we must Winter on awhile,
But through our loss we'll treasure still,
Alisha's  radiant smile.

Written by Sue Tansey - Alisha's Granny

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SMA Support UK
SMA Support UK is a voluntary organisation which helps those affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy and their families and finances research into the condition.
M Professional photography
The latest Tansey family business run by Marta. Family photography in the Poole area.
The firm which hosts this site and provided the design and content management system used to update it. Founders: Paul Tansey & Gareth Tansey. The main focus of the firm is now on automated marketing systems.
International Military Aircraft Spares Specialist. Enterprising Karen is a Director and co-founder.
A site set up by the Tansey family to raise funds for the Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (now SMA Support UK)with photos of Gareth, Carol, Emma and Freya as well as Alisha.
Rude Mugs
Imaginative pottery (not all rude!) from Chris Tansey including his Sandbanks Ferry souvenir mug.