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Another page discusses my current work in progress: a book on Ethics and Politics in a Secular Age provisionally entitled What Should We Do?.

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Newish features are pages advertising for sale my house in Canford Cliffs, Dorset, UK, Remembering the life of Sue Tansey and one on FREE ATTRACTIONS in DORSET.

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Who is Steve Tansey?


The principal author of Politics: the Basics and Business, IT and Society is now retired and resident in Poole, Dorset, England.

For most of my academic career I taught Politics at Bournemouth University and its predecessors - Bournemouth College of Technology, Dorset Institute of Higher Education and Bournemouth Polytechnic. Before that I lectured at the University of Ife, Nigeria - now known as Obafemi Awolowo University - for three years. I have also held part-time or temporary Politics posts at the University of Exeter, the Open University and the WEA. Currently I co-ordinate a Philosophy Group and from time to time teach Politics and Philosophy courses at the University of the Third Age. In addition I have taught Information Technology, Business Studies, Sociology and Liberal Studies! 

Somehow I have accumulated degrees in Government (BA Exeter); Politics and Sociology (M.Sc. Birkbeck College, London University); Information Systems and Technology (M.Sc. City University, London) and Management (M. Phil. Bath University of Technology). Therefore I should be knowledgeable, if not wise! Other people have accumulated more degrees - Robert Mugabe apparently has six earned degrees: he too is not necessarily wise.

The best thing I ever did was to marry Susan Rider, to whom I was married for 52 years. There is a page on this site remembering her mainly in the words of her children and friends. (In life she modestly vetoed any mention of her on this site - but now I am responding to a request from my children that she should figure on the web).

If any of this strikes a nostalgic note, or if you have queries about the books, please feel free to get in touch.


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A brand new page on this site is one advertising the sale of my house in Canford Cliffs, Dorset, UK. Another newish page commemorates the life of Sue Tansey. A fairly recent page is about Free Attractions in Dorset. Please let me have any suggestion for further content.

One page on the site deals with the book I am working on at present. This is a book on ethics and politics in a secular age provisionally entitled What Should We Do? (Apologies to Tolstoy!) Your comments would be very welcome!


The Summer Programme for the U3A Poole Philosophy groups is now on the U3A Poole Philosophy Page

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A Turkish Edition of Politics the Basics (5th. ed.) is to be published by Utopya Yayinevi.

A Portuguese translation of Politics: the Basics has now been published in Brazil as Polίtica, Editora Saraiva, Sao Paulo, 1st Brazilian ed., 2016.


The Fifth Edition of Politics: the Basics was published by Routledge in September  2014.

Nigel has updated the book and has made some interesting innovations.

If you run a class which might use the book, let us know using the feedback button on this site and we will arrange to send you a free inspection copy.

The fourth edition of Politics: the Basics has been published in  Arabic by the Arab Network for Publishing and Research based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Politics: The Basics, 4th Edition is to be translated by Jiangsu People's Publishing Ltd into Chinese (simplified) for distribution in Mainland China.
Conservative MP Steve Baker puts Politics: the Basics first on his recommended reading list for newcomers to the Conservative Candidates List.

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